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Current News (2021)


December 2021 After missing last year because of pandemic restrictions, we had our annual Holiday celebration and Secret Santa gift exchange! We started at an escape room and moved to Theoretically Breing for some sustenance and chemistry-themed games. It was so wonderful to get together socially again ((in a fully vaccinated capacity)!
  Sam departs for her semester at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (thanks to a Michael Smith NSERC Supplement). We wish her all the best and look forward to learning all about her adventures when she returns!
November 2021 Tara submits manuscript to Organometallics.
  Dylan publishes his first fantasy novel, The Eight Winds: Into the West! Everyone is excited to get their hands on a copy!
  Sam, Daisy, Edward and Dylan present their work at the 14th Annual Chinook Symposium. Congratulations to Daisy (2nd Prize) and Edward (1st Prize)!
  Paul gives Keynote Lecture at Catalysis Society of South Africa (CATSA) 2021.
October 2021 Sam's Acta Cryst. manuscript accepted - congratulations!
September 2021 Paul says goodbye to his wonderful host in Japan, Prof. Makoto Yamashita. A very special note of appreciation to the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Nagoya University and Prof. Yamashita for making the trip possible. A truly remarkable experience from both scientific and personal perspectives!
  Corey Wiltse joins the group to undertake an Independent Study - welcome!!
  Paul meets former group member Kazuma Suzuki in Tokyo for a wonderful meal of tempura. It was fantastic to reconnect!
August 2021 Connor successfully defends his Ph.D. Congratulations Dr. MacNeil! A big thank you is extended to Prof. T. Don Tilley ffor serving as Connor's External Examiner.
  Dylan delivers an oral presentation at the joint IUPAC and CSC conference.
  Sam is awarded an NSERC Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement - congratulations!
  Paul gives research seminar at RIKEN.
  Dylan's manuscript submitted to J. Med. Chem.
  Paul delivers seminars at University of Tokyo, Kyoto University (Institute of Chemical Research and Graduate School of Engineering), Tohoku University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and University.of Tsukuba.
July 2021 Connor submits his Ph.D. thesis!
  Paul visits collaborator Prof. Fernando Arteaga Arteaga at Hokkaido University in Sapporo.
  Sam's manuscript submitted to Acta Cryst.
June 2021 Congratulations Tara for earning the C3 General Student Scholarship Award from College Chemistry Canada (C3), a national non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the teaching of chemistry primarily at the college and university level (!!
May 2021 Desmond's New Journal of Chemistry manuscript accepted in special issue dedicated to Todd Marder!
  Paul finishes his quarantine in Nagoya and starts work to undertake high pressure reactions.
April 2021 Sam is awarded an NSERC CGS-M scholarship - congratulations!
  Paul's receives visa from Japan to start his JSPS Invitational Fellowship at Nagoya University, hosted by Prof. Makoto Yamashita!
  In conjunction with Prof. Fernando Arteaga Arteaga of Hokkaido University, Paul's Learning Satellite Project was approved. These funds will make it possible for 12 undergraduate students from Hokkaido University to visit the University of Lethbridge over each of the next two years!
  Jackson starts as Lab Manager for Blue Sky Analytical Labs!
March 2021 Dylan's US Patent issued (No. 10,954,208)!
  Desmond submits manuscript to special issue (dedicated to Prof. Todd Marder) of New Journal of Chemistry.
February 2021 Congratulations to Dylan for being awarded the Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship!
January 2021 Paul receives an Invitational Fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science!
  The Hayes Group welcomes Jean-Denys Hamel (organofluorine chemistry), the newest department faculty member!.

The following funding agencies are acknowledged for generous support of our research (PI grants and student scholarships):

NSERC U of L Alberta Innovates Technology Futures