Reverse detail from Kakelbont MS 1, a fifteenth-century French Psalter. This image is in the public domain. Daniel Paul O'Donnell

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Invention for Destruction / The Deadly Invention / The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (Vynález zkázy) 1958

Posted: Mar 01, 2020 19:03;
Last Modified: Mar 01, 2020 19:03


Still: A battleship showing live action characters

A really lovely and astoundingly well-done live-action-and-animation film based on the Jules Verne novel Facing the Flag. The sets are based on line drawings apparently taken from a nineteenth-century edition. Over this move live action actors, and drawings (fish, etc.). Sometimes the entire screen is an animation. Other times it is a mix of animation and live action or stick footage (this is particularly true of the ocean scenes, where there are line drawings of waves with film of waves running over them). Sometimes the line drawings have clearly been turned into sets and actors interact with them in 3D. In the restored version on Criterion it is truly astounding for a 1958 film. Extremely carefully done.

Stills showing the interaction of live characters and animated sets and backgrounds.

Apparently this was very often shown on television in North America in the 1960s and 1970s. I think I may vague remember it as well.





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