Archaeology 1000 (pdf)
Profile examples
Basic Chemistry
Archaeology 3700 (pdf)
View Twin River Site presetation
View Field Trips slideshow
Archaeology field schools (3300)
Tel Beth-Shemesh, Israel
Fort Vermilion, northern Alberta
Archaeology 3720 (pdf)
View lithic raw materials
View a slideshow (powerpoint)
Archaeology 3610 (pdf)

Archaeology 4100 (pdf)

Archaeology 3600 (pdf)
View Class Figures (pdf)
Hominid Taxonomic System (pdf)
View Primate Summary (pdf)
Archaeology 3120 (pdf)
View Fincastle Article (pdf)
Archaeology 3110 (pdf)
View Site Presentation Schedule (pdf)
University of Lethbridge
Department of Geography

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