Lab and field equipment


Laboratory Equipment

  • Three powerful PCs with Remote Sensing, GIS, data analysis and modelling software
  • ASTER, Landsat 7 and SPOT satellite imagery
  • Lab printer
  • Analogue glacier models
  • Time Lapse camera system
  • Polarization microscope and regular microscopes
  • Portable Fluorometer and Chlorophyllmeter

    Field Equipment

    • Three Hobo Onset weather stations
    • 20 Onset Tidbit temperature dataloggers
    • Kestrel handheld weather systems
    • Field laptops and Hobo data shuttles
    • Garmin Navigational GPS systems
    • Trimble 5700 DGPS systems (Departmental)
    • Sokkia Total Station (Departmental)
    • Snowmetrics snowpit analysis kits
    • Kovacs ice drill with 6m auger flights and hand auger
    • STIHL power auger head
    • Ablation stakes
    • A Guralp Broadband seismometer system
    • Four REFTEK 130-01 Broadband Seismic Recorders
    • Sercel 1-4Hz Geophones (vertical and horizontal uniaxial)
    • Regular and Pygmy Current meters (Departmental)
    • Electro-Conductivity meters
    • A variety of glacier expedition and safety equipment