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Pentecostal Denominations:
There are numerous Pentecostal denominations in Canada. Some have provincial or regional reach; some are national; and some, although with churches nationwide, have no independent Canadian organization but exist as a district of a non-Canadian group, usually with headquaters in the United States. Further, given the missionary focus of Pentecostalism, many Canadian Pentecostal denominations have more members internationally than in the mother organization itself.


Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada PAOC (1919): This denomination was incorporated in 1919. Initially, it largely served central and eastern Canada. It joined the Assemblies of God in 1920, after repudiating its initial "Oneness" stance. In 1925, it left the Assemblies of God and was joined by western Canadian churches that had been members of the Assemblies of God. This union created the first nationwide Pentecostal denomination.

The Apostolic Church of Pentecost ACOP (1921): This denomination was incorporated in 1921. It was started by those who objected to the PAOC's decision in 1920 to join the large American Pentecostal group, the Assemblies of God, a move that required that the PAOC reject its original "Oneness" stance. The head office of the ACOP was in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba until 1986, when it was moved to Calgary, Alberta. There was an amalgamation between ACOP and the Evangelical Churches of Pentecost in 1953. Most of its members are in western Canada.

Pentecostal Holiness Church of Canada:

with head office outside of Canada

United Pentecostal Church International:

The Foursquare Church:


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