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  1. An interview with Paul Vasey appeared in the Channel 4 documentary, “My Gay Dog and Other Animals”, which aired June 6, 2019 in Britain.

  1. Francisco Gómez received a U of L Graduate Student Association travel award to attend the International Academy of Sex Research conference in Mexico City.

  1. Paul Vasey & Francisco Gómez spent part of April and May at their fieldsite in Juchitán, Mexico, collecting data for several new articles.

  1. A new article by Scott W. Semenyna, Paul L. Vasey & P. Lynn Honey entitled “Replicating the relationship between Dark Triad traits and female mate-competition tactics in undergraduate women” is now in print in the journal, Personality and Individual Differences.

  1. Alice Dreger discusses some of the Vasey lab’s research on male androphilia and altruism toward nieces and nephews in this Think Big video.

  1. In early January, Paul Vasey worked with an international film crew from Europe on a television documentary that is slated to appear in the summer of 2018.  Here’s a photo.

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