Welcome to Blue Heron Armouries. 
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We are a small collection of mostly-hobbiest armourers from Lethbridge, Alberta (that's in Canada for the geographically challenged) who are rather obsessed with the art of constructing (and fighting in) medieval armour. This website is designed to do two things; first to showcase the work we do, as all of us are rather proud of our accomplishments in the realm of armouring. Second, to provide the medieval re-creationist community with a source of affordable, practical armour.

Our Philosophy as Armourers:

We build armour for the modern-day re-creationist combatant, who we believe has four main priorities ( in no particular order): durability,  price,  appearance, and  performance. We strive to maintain a balance between all of these, providing high-quality armour for as reasonable a price as possible. Our customers can and should expect us to work with them in a prompt and professional manner to provide armour that suits their particular needs.

Ordering from us:

We do take commissions from time to time. To discuss commissioning us to build something for you, feel free to contact us at:

or by phone (403) 381-7078.

A 10% non-refundable deposit may be required for work to begin.

Shipping within North America will be included in the final price of the work to be done.
When and if anyone orders from outside of North America, exact details will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Payment can be made by cheque, money order, or paypal.

Legal Disclaimer: While our armour is intended to be functional, Blue Heron Armouries takes no responsibility whatsoever for said armour's actual use or performance. Re-creation of medieval combat involves significant risks, and wearing any of our armour does not remove that risk. If you get hurt while fighting in our armour, it is your problem.