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Appealing a Grade

Posted: Nov 18, 2006 20:11;
Last Modified: Jan 03, 2015 17:01


It may happen that I make a mistake in grading your work, that you feel that I have graded your work unfairly, or that you believe I have incorrectly or inconsistently applied my administrative policies.

If you find yourself in this situation, I recommend that you arrange to meet me to discuss the problem. I will gladly correct any mistakes I admit. In the case of a disagreement as the the application of a specific policy or the merit of a specific piece of work, I am usually willing to reconsider my decision—and always willing to explain my position. If you are dissatisfied after speaking with me, the University has a procedure by which you can appeal any grade you believe was assigned unfairly. You can find out more in the Calendar or by contacting the Student Union.

Although I am under most circumstances willing to correct or reconsider grades I have assigned, I will not reconsider grades on individual pieces of work or correct minor mistakes after the final grades for a course have been submitted (“minor” in this case means errors worth less than 2-3% of the final grade in the course; anything less will have no appreciable effect on your letter grade). This rule only applies after the grades have been submitted; I will fix all mistakes before the end of term. My policy does not affect your right to appeal grades using the Calendar procedure.





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