Reverse detail from Kakelbont MS 1, a fifteenth-century French Psalter. This image is in the public domain. Daniel Paul O'Donnell

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English 3450a: Practice Translation Portfolio

Posted: Oct 29, 2008 15:10;
Last Modified: Oct 29, 2008 15:10


This exercise will prepare you for the translation portfolio and help you check whether your participation in class has been as useful to you as it might be.


Choose a coherent passage of approximately 25 lines from the material we have read this year and prepare an idiomatic Modern English translation of it.


I will be grading this translation using my regular rubric, but I will be placing a heavier emphasis on idiomatic polish. The very best translations will attempt to find idiomatic Modern English translations that reflect the underlying Old English as closely as possible, but be willing to stray slightly when modern English idioms simply can’t reflect the underlying Old English.

Submission procedures

Please submit your translation via turnitin. The exercise there is called “practice portfolio.”

Due date

Midnight, November 14.





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