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Some great columns on the current funding crisis in Alberta's Post Secondary Education sector by the University of Lethbridge's outgoing Dean of Arts and Science

Posted: May 02, 2013 23:05;
Last Modified: May 02, 2013 23:05


Our outgoing Dean of Arts and Science, Chris Nicol, has been a very active participant in recent local public discussion of recent funding cuts in Post-Secondary Education introduced unexpectedly by the provincial government.

His position, as both a Dean and an economist, give him a very strong basis for explaining the history, impact, and correctness (or not) of the assumptions underlying the government’s recent about-face on University funding.

Some of the pieces are quite detailed rather than popular, but it is always thrilling to see somebody actually in administration speak truth to power. Or perhaps that should be “finally thrilling”?

Here’s a link to the directory with the relevant PDFs:

Chris has recently revamped his webpages. The look like they will be well worth paying attention to in the immediate future!





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