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Fixing Touchpad in Aspire One

Posted: Jul 18, 2011 16:07;
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2011 16:09


In my Natty install, my trackpad suddenly stopped working. Apparently this has something to do with a mixup between gconf and the hardware. To fix it, follow the instructions here:

Two observations:

  1. This approach didn’t seem to work for me if I didn’t kill and restart the mousepad using modprobe
  2. when I fixed it using this, my hardware control and gconf got exactly out of phase (i.e. when I disabled the trackpad it started working and when I enabled it, it stopped). To fix this “enable” the trackpad (i.e. get it to stop), and then run through the three steps again. Seems to fix it properly.
sudo modprobe -r psmouse
sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps
gconftool --type bool --set /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled true
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/keybindings/touchpad ""
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/keybindings/touchpad XF86TouchpadToggle





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