30th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing | 30e Symposium canadien sur la télédétection | June 22-25 juin 2009 Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Image mosaic of Lethbridge coulee landscape - UofL MARSS imaging system

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Social Events

Summer Solstice Sizzler.

Monday June 22: - Evening.
Like an Icebreaker, but its Summer now.

Solar Noon BBQ.

Tuesday June 23 - Mid-day.
Start: 12noon. End: Solar Noon (1:33pm Local Mountain Time)
Check out the albedo of some juicy Alberta Beef on a Bun.
Black and White Non-Lambertian Reference Panels [Cowboy Hats] optional.
Vegetation targets available for non-meat eaters.

Industry Sponsored Dinner.

Tuesday June 23: Evening.

CRSS Gold Medal Banquet. "Bridging Excellence"

Wednesday June 24: Evening.

Another first - we are honouring the full set of Gold Medalists. As part of our "Bridging Excellence" theme, and because this is our 30th Symposium, we are honouring many of the founding Canadian Remote Sensing Scientists who have made numerous, and seminal, contributions to this field and its growth in Canada for over 3 decades. We will be hosting the first-ever gathering of all CRSS Gold Medal recipients - the highest remote sensing award in our country.

The 2009 CRSS-SCT Gold Medalist will be announced at this Banquet.

The individuals being honoured are listed below, and include scientists from all sectors.
A full slate of CRSS-SCT professional and student awards will also be announced and presented. Additional events involving Gold Medalists will occur the following day.

CRSS Gold Medal Award

The CRSS Gold Medal Award was introduced in 1986 to recognize either a significant new advance in remote sensing research, development, technology or applications, or a significant long-term contribution to the field of remote sensing in Canada. The Gold Medal is the highest award granted by the Canadian Remote Sensing Society for excellence in remote sensing.

1986 - Dr. L.W. Morley, Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science
1987 - Mr. E.A. Godby, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing / Centre canadien de télédétection
1989 - Dr. John S. MacDonald, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd
1991 - Dr. Frank J. Ahern, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing / Centre canadien de télédétection
1993 - Dr. Philip J. Howarth, University of Waterloo
1996 - Dr. John R. Miller, York University
1997 - Dr. Edryd Shaw, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing/ Centre canadien de télédétection
1999 - Dr. R. Keith Raney, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory
2000 - Dr. James F.R. Gower, Institute for Ocean Sciences
2001 - Dr. Ferdinand Bonn,Université de Sherbrooke [deceased]
2002 - Dr. Josef Cihlar, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing/ Centre canadien de télédetection
2004 - Dr. David Goodenough, Pacific Forestry Centre
2005 - Dr. Ellsworth F. LeDrew, University of Waterloo
2006 - Dr. Philippe M. Teillet,Canada Centre for Remote Sensing/Centre canadien de télédetection
2007 - Dr. Steven E. Franklin,University of Saskatchewan
2008 - Dr. A. Laurence Gray, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing/Centre canadien de télédetection
[affiliations at time of award]

Reception / Symposium Closing Ceremonies.

Thursday June 25: 4:30pm.