30th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing | 30e Symposium canadien sur la télédétection | June 22-25 juin 2009 Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Image mosaic of Lethbridge coulee landscape - UofL MARSS imaging system

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Remote Sensing Firesides

Remote Sensing Fireside 1:
"Multi-Sector Partnerships" [Plenary]

TUESDAY June 23: 11:00 am start.

Panel: Panelists from Government, Industry and University will discuss multi-sector partnerships, funding initiatives and programming.

Remote Sensing Fireside 2:
"International Remote Sensing Publications Forum"

WEDNESDAY June 24: Afternoon. 1:30pm start. [Plenary]

Editors-in-Chief (EiCs) of 6 major international remote sensing journals confirmed as Panelists.

All Confirmed:
Dr. Marvin Bauer
Minnesota USA: EiC - Remote Sensing of Environment (RSE)

Dr. Giles Foody
Nottingham UK: EiC - International Journal of Remote Sensing (IJRS)

Dr. Christopher Ruf
Michigan USA: EiC, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (IEEE TGRS)

Dr. Nicholas Coops
Vancouver Canada: EiC - Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing (CJRS)

Dr. Russ Congalton
New Hampshire USA: EiC - Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing (PE&RS)

Dr. Ellsworth LeDrew
Waterloo Canada: EiC - IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (IEEE J-STARS)

Career Mix and Match:
"Like speed dating, but for job seekers and employers"

Wednesday June 24: Afternoon. 4:30pm start

Come and explore remote sensing career opportunities.

Students and early career professionals with Industry, Government, and University.

Remote Sensing Fireside 3:
"Bridging Excellence - CRSS Gold Medalists Perspectives"

Thursday June 25: Afternoon. 1:30pm start [Plenary]

Panelists: From List of Gold Medal Recipients, including the 2009 GM [TBA].