CLARA 2016

The conference is on the topoic of child language acquisition, broadly construed, and is the first of this kind in Western Canada. This conference will bring together more than 20 well-known experts all over the world who are eager to share their knowledge with our local community members. The conference will take a variety of formats including four keynote addresses, four workshops, two roundtable sessions, one lightning talk session, and two poster sessions.

Important to note is the two public events scheduled on the Thurday night (Nov 24) and the Friday night (Nov 25) respectively. The Thursday night features a public keynote address by Dr. Ellen Bialystok at 7:00pm, a Psychology Professor at the York University, who is a world renowned researcher on bilingual children’s brain development. On Friday night at 6:00pm, we will offer a series of 5 minute talks (Lightning talks) that cover a wide range of topics related to child language acquisition. The talks will be delivered in an entertaining and accessible way. We invite parents, educators, and other interested community members to attend the two public events. In addition, the conference will be live updated on Facebook and twitter. You can follow the conference updates and ask questions to our speakers using the hashtag #CLARA2016

Organizing committee:

Chair: Fangfang Li (Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Univeristy of Lethbridge)


Robbin Gibb (Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Univeristy of Lethbridge)

Inge Genee (Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Univeristy of Lethbridge)

Claudia Gonzalez (Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Univeristy of Lethbridge)

Noella Piquette (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Univeristy of Lethbridge)

Alain Takam (Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Univeristy of Lethbridge)

© Fangfang Li 2016