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Changes to my Web Space

Posted: Nov 18, 2006 16:11;
Last Modified: Dec 10, 2006 09:12


I have installed a new CMS to handle my professional web space. At the moment the CMS system only contains the pages I am serving this semester, though I hope to add new material as the semester progresses.

All URL used on my web space are still operative: I have not changed any pages published to my site before the launch of the new system. You can also still access my old web space directly.

If you discover any problems or have any questions, please let me know.


Comment [1]

  1. Il Magnifico/El Magnifico (Sat Oct 15, 2016 (13:26:12)) [PermLink]:

    Hello Professor (customized pronoun, or title?)

    Il Magnifico enjoyed ze Grammar column in the Globe and Mail today, particularly ey reference to His Majesty at ze University of Michigan.

    The Formerly Honourable has limited ey use of customized titles and pronouns, almost exclusively, to communications with family and close friends, because even zie consider Il and El pompous, if not grandiose.

    The Formerly Honourable Tom Perry
    (also Il Magnifico or El Magnifico depending on ze day and ey language)

    confused yet?



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