Current Students

    Jason Flindall (B.Sc. Biology, Dalhousie)

    Jason joined the lab as a graduate student in January 2011. His projects investigate kinematic differences between the right and left hands in reaching and grasping during visually- and memory-guided grasping.

    Kayla Stone (B.Sc. Psychology, in progress)

    Kayla joined the lab in the fall 2010. Her projects investigate what factors modulate hand preference for grasping.

    Devon Bryant (B.Sc. Kinesiology, in progress)

    Devon has worked in the lab since September 2010. Devon’s work has focused on understanding visuospatial abilities (i.g. mental rotation) and how these interact with visuomotor control.

    Kelly Mills (B.Sc. Neuroscience, in progress).

    Kelly has begun her honors thesis this summer looking for memory traces during visually- and haptically-guided grasping.

    Katherine Odland (B.Sc. Exercise Science, in progress)

    Investigating the role of the right hemisphere in spatial processing during a visually guided task.

    Jessica MacLean (B.Sc. Exercise Science, in progress)

    Jessica has worked in the lab since Jan 2012 and in September she will begin her honours thesis investigating the mirror neuron system in humans.

Past Students

  • Ben Arnold (B.Sc. Psychology)
  • Trevor Rutschmann (B.Sc. Kinesiology, in progress)


  • Students:
  • Lori-Anne Sacrey (M. Sc. Neuroscience, Ph.D. in progress).
  • Nicole Netelenbos (B.Sc. Psychology, M.Sc. In progress).