Reverse detail from Kakelbont MS 1, a fifteenth-century French Psalter. This image is in the public domain. Daniel Paul O'Donnell

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English 3601a: Chaucer (Essay Topics)

Posted: Feb 05, 2009 15:02;
Last Modified: Feb 05, 2009 15:02


Write a short essay (approx. 1800 words) on one or more of the shorter poems we have covered this year (Adam the Scribe, Parliament of Fowls, Book of the Duchess). You may supplement these texts with additional texts of your choosing from Chaucer’s canon.

Your essay should conform to my style sheet and other policies as noted on this website. Please note that I am particularly strict regarding bibliographic format, correct documentation, and proof-reading. There are very severe penalties for failure to adhere to my standards in these areas.





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