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3601: Notice of Intent

Posted: Sep 07, 2013 17:09;
Last Modified: Sep 07, 2013 17:09


For this exercise, you are required to write a Notice of Intent, outlining the topic you are planning to research for your major research project.

The Notice of Intent is a very short document, no more than two or three paragraphs at most. It should describe in broad terms the work(s) and/or topics you are thinking of writing on for your major project, why you think this topic or work(s) is/are interesting, and any preliminary ideas you have for further research.

Your Notice of Intent does not commit you to write on the topic you specify. Its purpose it help you get started thinking about your project and begin to identify resources you may need and to give me a sense of what kind of topics the class as a whole is interested in.

The Notice of Intent is graded pass/fail. A passing Notice of Intent will show evidence that the author has done some preliminary reading of the primary sources with an eye to identifying a potential topic.





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