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These are some of the faculty, staff and student personal web sites hosted on our webserver. The Listing Criteria page describes which sites are listed and how a site's owner can control whether it is included. For quicker access, bookmark the pages you will be returning to regularly.

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Akbary-Majdabadno, AmirMath & Computer Sci
Alam, ShamsulDhillon School of Business - Dean's Office
Ali, Husam 
Allen, ScottPsychology Dept
Anderson, DoranSystems & Databases

Berteotti, JasminnCo-op/Appl Std - A&S
Bomhof, ArieMath & Computer Sci
Boudreau, Robert 
Burg, TheresaBiological Sciences

Cheng, HowardMath & Computer Sci
Craig, SteveDhillon School of Business - External
Cramer, NaomiCCBN

Daniels, Dayna 
Daroczi, ZoltanDhillon School of Business - Marketing
Dasgupta, ArundhatiPhysics & Astr
Devos, BrentModern Languages
Doucette, ToddTeaching Centre
Duda, BrysonLibrary - Information Systems

Fiori, AndrewMath & Computer Sci

Gaur, DayaMath & Computer Sci
George, Robert 
Gergel, AllanLibrary - Information Systems
Gerken, MichaelChemistry & Biochemistry
Gom, BradPhysics & Astr
Grant, Kevin 
Greenlees, BetsyLib - University Copyright Advisor Office
Grigg, LanceEducation - Full Time Faculty

Hakin, AndrewProvost & Vice-President Academic
Halma, BillS&RS - Programs
Henzi, PeterPsychology Dept
Hinger, DavidTeaching Centre
Hoar, Sharleen 
Holzmann, Wolfgang 
Hontela, AliceBiological Sciences
Hossain, ShahadatMath & Computer Sci
Hutchinson, ShellyAncillary Services

Jansen, HaroldArts & Science, Dean's Office

Kaminski, DavidMath & Computer Sci
Karsten, StephenieUniv Adv - Communications
Koehler, DanDigital Services

Lambert, Lisa 
Li, FangfangPsychology Dept
Lippa, WayneChemistry & Biochemistry
Little, Neil 
Lutchmeesingh, BrianClassroom Tech & A/V Production

MacKinnon, GlenFine Arts - Art Dept
Makiwa, Gibion 
Malinsky, JesseLibrary - Access Services
Matis, KevinEducation - Grad Std & Research
McAdam, IanEnglish Dept
McDaniel, SusanPrentice Institute
McDonald, RobertCCBN
McGeough, KevinGeography Dept
McHugh, Rebecca 
McTrowe, Mary-AnneFine Arts - Art Dept
Mesina, LiliaCCBN
Michener, Gail 
Mombourquette, CarmenEducation - Full Time Faculty
Morgentaler, GoldieEnglish Dept
Morris, JoyMath & Computer Sci
Mueller, AlFacilities - Building Maint
Mueller, JackieFacilities - Exec Direc Office

Naylor, DavidPhysics & Astr

O'Donnell, DanEnglish Dept
Oliver, JeffNetwork and Telecom
Orientation, New Student 
Orr, DougSchool of Liberal Education

Patitsas, StevePhysics & Astr
Perry, MichaelLibrary - Archives
Poulsen, JohnEducation - Full Time Faculty
Povey, ChadPhysics & Astr
Pyle, GregoryAWESB - Biology

Ramp, WilliamSociology Dept
Rice, JackieFine Arts - Art Dept
Robb, DebHuman Resources
Rockerbie, DuaneEconomics Dept

Schreiber, RonManaged Applications
Schultz, ArlanFine Arts - Music Dept
Scott, ShelleyFine Arts - Drama Department
Shepard, BlytheEducation - Full Time Faculty
Siewert, JohnDesktop Support
Sirbu, DanielaFine Arts - New Media
Sparrow-Clarke, PaulProvost & Vice-President Academic
Spencer, LockePhysics & Astr
Steed, MarloEducation - Full Time Faculty
Stevens, DannyManaged Applications
Svendsen, Evan 

Takeyasu, TrentMath & Computer Sci
Tata, MatthewCCBN
Thurlow, DavidEnterprise Applications
Toth, CalvinClassroom Tech & A/V Production
Townshend, IvanGeography Dept
Tran, KienEconomics Dept

Urquhart, StevenModern Languages
Usher, JohnDhillon School of Business - Policy & Strategy

Vasey, PaulPsychology Dept
Villiger, GitteEducation - Curr Lab
Viminitz, PaulPhilosophy Dept

Warf, MichaelDigital Services
Wehlage-Ellis, LeannePsychology Dept
Whitehead, JayFine Arts - Drama Department
Williams-Whitt, KellyDhillon School of Business - Calgary Campus
Winsor, Pamela 
Wirch, TrevorDesktop Support
Wismath, ShellySchool of Liberal Education
Wood, RobertGraduate Studies

Yalamova, RossitsaDhillon School of Business - Finance

Zanoni, Adam 
Zheng, YingChemistry & Biochemistry
Zieber, MarkHealth Sciences - Nursing Prog

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