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About GLuskap

GLuskap* is a software tool for displaying graphs in 3-dimensions, interactively editing the resulting drawing and finally creating a high quality ray traced image.

The software is written in Python, using the wxPython toolkit and PyOpenGL.

The drawing can be exported either to a standard graph format or to a POV-Ray scene file, which can be rendered to a high quality drawing in any standard image format.

This software should be of value to all researchers in the 3D graph drawing community and is freely available.

Downloading GLuskap

GLuskap 3.0 Python source and installers are available for download. See the downloads page.

GLuskap in 3D

GLuskap supports several 3D visualization methods, including stereo glasses, anaglyph, and polarized projection.

*Gluskap is the Algonquin name for the Creator-force.

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