Tigana learns about
The Acadians
of Nova Scotia

Brief Videos of Meteghan Sights

Meteghan Drive By

Glimpse of Meteghan from the road illustrates how village is drawn out between road and beach. (Goes on like this for a long way!)

Sainte-Marie Church (Church Point, 1903-1905) largest wooden church in North America.
Exterior view (silent)
Interior view (set volume to max for commentary; second half silent)
Church Museum (silent)
Story of the altar
Still Photos by Tigana

Tigana visits first Acadian cemetery
near Belliveau Cove
Cemetery Still Photos

Glimpse of Smugglers Cove

Smugglers Cove Still Photos

Tigana visits the Shipyards
(Wind noise, seasick videography)

Meteghan discovers it's part of Alberta Curriculum


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