Tigana learns about
The Acadians
of Nova Scotia

Interview Questions by Grade 2 Children


Tigana interviews Nicole Boudreau about Meteghan and the history of the Acadians based on questions submitted by Tigana's classmates in Lethbridge, Alberta. Nicole is the author of the Acadian history, The Strength of a People, an actress, and marketing assistant for the Municiplaity of Clare.


Meteghan History

  • When was Meteghan discovered?
  • How did places get their names?
  • What type of houses did Acadians live in?
  • What clothes did the Acadian children wear?
  • How did people keep warm?
  • How did early Acadians have light at night?
  • How many French schools did they have in the old days?
  • Has there ever been a war?
  • What did people long ago do when there were emergencies, like a fire?

  • Tigana dresses as an Acadian

    Meteghan Today

  • How cold does it get in winter?
  • What is the population today?
  • Are there any sports teams?
  • Have they set any world records?
  • What are kid's favorite games?
  • What are the most popular names?
  • Do you have any shopping malls?
  • What kind of fish are there?
    [link to Monkfish Photo]
  • Do they use fish for other things?
  • Do they eat raw fish?
  • Have you ever seen shark's teeth?
  • Do Acadians eat shark's eyeballs? (Zack asked.)
  • If people don't fish, what other things do people do today?
  • Are there French Schools in Acadia today?
  • How big is the school?
  • Where do you go to University?
  • Do Acadians have any different musical instruments?
  • Are there favorite songs or dances we could learn?
    (Answer includes discussion of Acadian national anthem and flag)
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