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Tigana, a Grade 2 student from Alberta, learns all about the French Acadians of Nova Scotia by visiting the village of Meteghan (part of the Municipality of Clare).   The Acadians of Meteghan are one focus of the Alberta Grade 2 Social Studies curriculum.

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submitted by Grade 2 students.

Tigana interviews Nicole Boudreau, author of the Acadian history, The Strength of a People, about Meteghan and the history of the Acadians, based on questions submitted by Tigana's classmates in Lethbridge, Alberta.

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Other Short Video Clips

Tigana dresses as an Acadian; Meteghan drive by; the cemetery and chapel near Belliveau Cove; A. F. Theriault Son Shipyards; glimpse of Smugglers Cove Provincial Park; etc.

Other Resources

Photo essays, powerpoint presentations, & audio clips on Rappie Pie (a favorite Acadian staple), Smugglers Cove, first Acadian Cemetary, School in Meteghan, St. Mary's Church, Acadian French language, fish processing, and typical historical Acadian home.

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Useful websites on Meteghan, Acadian history, and so on

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