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French Acadians of Meteghan, Nova Scotia

The Curriculum Project

The Province of Alberta has identified the French Acadians of Meteghan as one focus of the Grade 2 Social Studies Curriculum. We noticed that some teachers were having trouble finding resources on Meteghan, so developed the learning resources on this website:

Main listing of interview videos, audio clips, photo essays and external links

Tigana's classmates in Lethbridge, Alberta brainstormed a set of possible questions for the interviews. Tigana (with the assistance of her mom, Dr. Mary Runté) developed the final short list of questions for Nicole. The interviews were conducted May 17, 2006. Additional videos topics were suggested by Nicole. The accompanying photo essays and audio files emerged more or less spontaneously.

All the materials on this website are © 2006 Dr. Robert Runté, except the Johnson powerpoints, which are © 2008 RoseAnn Johnston, and subject to a Creative Commons License (see below); note, however, that the provisions of this license allow (encourage) any Grade 2 teachers, students, and parents in Alberta to download any of the materials on this website for noncommercial, classroom / home use.

Some of the video clips are admittedly a little rough: we were using a Sony miniDV Handycam without a tripod, and there are occasional interruptions from Tigana's little sister, passing traffic, and -- on some of the outdoor clips -- high winds. This was our first attempt at producing videopodcasts, and there was a steep learning curve. Nevertheless, we hope that these clips will provide the classroom teacher with an additional resource that they can either use for their own information, or more likely, to allow students to 'research' various topics for themselves.

If there are additional topics you would like to see added to this website, email Dr. Robert Runté.

Note that we have attempted to keep video files small, so that schools and parents with limited Internet access could still download and play the clips. This does mean, however, rather tiny screen size for playback. If you would like larger and clearer videos, a CD for classroom/home schooling purposes is available for $10 from Dr. Robert Runté, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge, 4001 University Drive, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1K 3M4. Allow several weeks for delivery because, you know, it's just me, and I might be away or something.

© 2006 by Dr. Robert Runté

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Our Guide to Meteghan

Nicole Boudreau is author of the Acadian history, The Strength of a People and Tourism Development Officer of the Municipality of Clare, of which the village of Meteghan is a part. A native of Meteghan River, Nicole began work for the municipal tourism department in 2001 and aids in the planning, development and promotion / marketing of tourism product and services including: the Clare Visitors Guide, Clare Tourism website and representation at various trade shows throughout North America. During the peak tourist season, Nicole is also the manager of the Clare Visitor Information Centre.

Nicole attended Université Sainte-Anne in Church Point in 1997 studying a B.A. It was then, while working in order to fund her education, she discovered that she enjoyed working with the public.

After one year of working four jobs in order to earn funds for tuition, Nicole enrolled in the Tourism and Hospitality Management program at Nova Scotia Community College Burridge Campus in Yarmouth and graduated two years later with honors.

Being proud of her home town and wanting to be a part of its development, she chose to stay in Clare and become involved with various local organizations.

An especial thanks to Nicole for her boundless energy and enthusiasum, and to he Municipality of Clare for loaning to her to us for the day.

Other Contributors

RoseAnn Johnston is in charge of the library at Fort Saskatchewan Elementary (ECS-Grade 6) in Alberta. She independently visited Meteghan for a day and half in summer 2007 to generate additional resources for the Grade 2 curriculum. She also visted and photographed the the Sherman Hines museum in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. She graciously contributed the resulting powerpoints on historic Acadian housing and contemporary fish processing to this web site.

The Interview Team

Tigana Runté was 8 years old and in Grade 2 when her class began studying Meteghan and the history and culture of the French Acadians of Nova Scotia.

Dr. Robert Runté is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and Tigana's Dad. He is responsible for the (occasionally jerky) videography, and developed the website.

Dr. Mary Runté is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management at University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and Tigana's Mom. She organized the expedition to Nova Scotia.

Tigana's little sister Kasia

Tigana's two-year-old sister, Kasia, can be heard off camera or glimpsed in some of the video clips. (Here, she tries to dress 'Acadian' at lunch at the Café Chez Christophe, using her dinner napkin.)

Tigana's Grade 2 class (in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) helped to brainstorm questions for the interviews. [Here, they (and parent volunteers) are on a field trip to the Galt Museum in Lethbridge, Alberta.]

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