Roussel group photos

Our group Covid photo in the spring of 2021: Top row, from left: Olivia Marasco (M.Sc. student), Marc Roussel, Elizabeth Trofimenkoff (M.Sc. student). Bottom row: Talmon Soares (M.Sc. student), Catharine Roussel (research associate), Mohammad Hamidi (Ph.D. student)
The group in the fall of 2016: Back row, from left: Hossein Hosseini (M.Sc. student), Catharine Roussel (research associate), Muhammad Sajid Iqbal (Ph.D. student), Marc Roussel, Dina Irofti (visiting M.Sc. student), Silky Sharma (M.Sc. student). Down in front: RJ Murphy (M.Sc. student), Olivia Marasco (B.Sc. student)
The group in the fall of 2014: Front row, from left: Catharine Roussel (research associate), Marc Roussel, Muhammad Sajid Iqbal (Ph.D. student), Silky Sharma (M.Sc. student). Back row: Márcio Duarte Albasini Mourão (visiting postdoctoral fellow), RJ Murphy (M.Sc. student), Eric Hill (B.Sc. student), Hossein Hosseini (M.Sc. student)
M.Sc. student Blessing Okeke explaining her poster to judge Dr. Greg Patenaude at the 2013 Chinook Symposium in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Blessing took first place in the M.Sc. Chemistry division. Well done, Blessing!
The group in the spring of 2013: From left: Blessing Okeke (M.Sc. student), Muhammad Sajid Iqbal (Ph.D. student), Kyle Wynnyk (B.Sc. student), Marc Roussel, Catharine Roussel (research associate), Tapas Barai (M.Sc. student)
The group in the spring of 2010: Front row: Aruna Saram (Ph.D. student), Catharine Roussel (research associate), Marc Roussel, Hamid Sadeghi Garmaroodi (Ph.D. student). Back row: Saurabh Vashishtha (M.Sc. student), Terry Tang (Ph.D. student), Simbarashe Chipindirwi (M.Sc. student), Ruhul Amin (M.Sc. student)
The group in the summer of 2004: Sitting in the grass: Marc Slingerland (undergraduate). Sitting on the rock: Marc Roussel. Back row: Catharine Roussel (research associate), David Franz (undergraduate), Kevin Davis (undergraduate), Rui Zhu (Alberta Ingenuity Fellow), Terry Tang (graduate student), Maya Mincheva (postdoctoral researcher)
Marc Slingerland was awarded the prestigious Canadian Association for Co-operative Education Student of the Year Award for 2003, in part for his work in my laboratory as an undergraduate research assistant. This photo is a promotional shot taken to celebrate his award. Marc's project involves the development of a model of vein formation in plant leaves, so the University's public relations officers decided they should get a picture of us in a laboratory with some plants. Don't be fooled! We're theoreticians. Our lab really just consists of some rooms filled with computers and people.