Workshop on Molecular Modeling in Undergraduate Instruction

University of Lethbridge

April 30 2001

Purpose of the Workshop

Molecular modeling is now well established as a research tool across the chemical sciences. At least part of its appeal as a research tool is the integration of computational methods with visualization tools. These very qualities also make molecular modeling eminently well suited as an adjunct to traditional methods for teaching chemical concepts.

Our goal in hosting this workshop was to bring together chemical educators from across Alberta to discuss the applications of molecular modeling in undergraduate education which they have either tried or with which they hope to experiment.


Name Institution Department Presentation title
Hank Bestman King's U.C. Biology Modeling Software Used in Introductory Biochemistry Courses
René Boeré U. Lethbridge Chem/Biochem Electronic Models of Crystal Structures for the Introductory Course in Inorganic Chemistry
I.R. Hunt U. Calgary Chemistry Using CHIME to Facilitate Learning in Organic Chemistry/Escaping from Multiple Choice when On-Line
Peter Mahaffy King's U.C. Chemistry Integrated Strategies for Molecular Modeling
Ken Newman/Brian Martin King's U.C. Chemistry/Physics Visualisation techniques using Maple, HyperChem and Excel in an Undergraduate Chemistry Quantum Mechanics Course
Marc Roussel U. Lethbridge Chem/Biochem Design of a Modern Quantum Chemistry Course
Peter Tieleman U. Calgary Biological Sciences Teaching Molecular Simulation: Molecular Dynamics
Aalim Weljie/Hans Vogel U. Calgary Biological Sciences Homology modelling: A comparatively useful technique in protein structure prediction

Other participants

Name Institution Department
Don Bengtson U. Lethbridge Chemistry and Biochemistry
Peter Dibble U. Lethbridge Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michelle Duke U. Lethbridge Chemistry and Biochemistry
R.J. French U. Calgary Physiology and Biophysics
Grace Greidanus King's U.C. Chemistry
Wayne Lippa U. Lethbridge Chemistry and Biochemistry
Brian Lloyd Medicine Hat C. Science, Technology and Trades
Steve Mosimann U. Lethbridge Chemistry and Biochemistry
Vladimir Pitchko Concordia U.C. Chemistry
Kevin Smith U. Lethbridge Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jichang Wang U. Lethbridge Chemistry and Biochemistry
Randall Weselake U. Lethbridge Chemistry and Biochemistry
Yongxiang Zhang U. Lethbridge Chemistry and Biochemistry

Workshop program and abstracts

Useful links

A number of useful web resources were discussed at the workshop. These are listed here for the convenience of workshop participants and others who might wander over to this web site.


The workshop organizers gratefully acknowledge the support of the Office of the President of the University of Lethbridge.


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