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Contemporary Chemistry


As explained in the outline, the schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Lecture titles are linked to notes, when available.

Date What we're doing What's due
Jan. 10 Orientation
Jan. 12 SciFinder Scholar instruction (E620)
Jan. 17 SciFinder Scholar instruction (E620)
Jan. 19 Web of Science instruction (E620)
Jan. 24 Introduction to ethics SciFinder assignment
Jan. 26 Professional responsibilities of chemists Web of Science assignment
Jan. 31 Ethics case study 1 Corporate profile
Feb. 2 Writing good technical briefs
Feb. 7 Seminar: Jared Nieboer (Richardson Oilseed)
Feb. 9 EndNote instruction (L950) Nieboer seminar technical summary
Feb. 14 Ethics case study 2 Ethics case study 1
Feb. 16 Seminar: Andrew Grosvenor (University of Saskatchewan)
Feb. 28 Seminar: Rob Marriott (University of Calgary) Briefing note first draft; Grosvenor seminar technical summary
Mar. 1 Seminar: Charles Walsby (Simon Fraser University) Marriott seminar technical summary
Mar. 6 Ethics case study 3 Ethics case study 2; Walsby seminar technical summary
Mar. 8 Making good technical presentations
Mar. 13 Seminar: Bill Spenceley (Flexahopper Plastics)
Mar. 15 Seminar: Michael Gerken (University of Lethbridge)
Mar. 20 Lab notebooks (R. Boeré) Briefing note final version; Spenceley seminar technical summary; Gerken seminar technical summary
Mar. 22 Seminar: Rob Gruninger (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
Mar. 27 First round of presentations Ethics case study 3; Gruninger seminar technical summary
Mar. 29 First round of presentations
Apr. 3 Final presentations
Apr. 5 Jennifer Kellie (University of Lethbridge)
Apr. 10 Jani Moilanen (Universities of Lethbridge and of Jyväskylä) Kellie seminar technical summary
Apr. 12 Marc Roussel (University of Lethbridge) Moilanen seminar technical summary
Apr. 17 Seminar: Dallas Thomas (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) Roussel seminar technical summary

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