Remote Sensing Group.

University of Lethbridge


Professor with Physics & Astronomy at the University of Lethbridge, as well as a Senior Research Scientist with the Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre,research includes spectroradiometric imaging, satellite sensor and image radiometry, and vegetation canopy spectral reflectance characterisation.


Professor of Geography and Science Director ATIC, Karl Staenz’s research is focused in the broad area of applications of hyperspectral remote sensing  and quantitative remote sensing algorithm research and development.

Dr. Karl Staenz

Professor of Geography Derek Peddle’s research programme involves Geographical Information Science (GIS) with a focus on remote sensing of environmental change. Dr Peddle’s research interests include forestry, agriculture, water, mountain terrain analysis, and integrated resource management applications.

Dr. Derek Peddle

Dr. Craig Coburn is a remote sensing scientist with research interests in the broad areas of imaging science, reflectance anisotropy, airborne imaging systems, image processing, image texture analysis, and terrain modelling.

Dr. Craig Coburn

Dr. Predoi-Cross’s research focuses on the Analysis of atmospheric trace gases, industrial process monitoring and controlling, and basic investigations of molecular structures.

Dr. Adrianna Predoi-Cross