Remote Sensing Group.

University of Lethbridge

Lethbridge’s High-Level bridge.  The metaphor we are using for this years Canadian Remote Sensing Symposium.  Hosted at the University of Lethbridge, the conference theme is “Bridging Excellence”.  The  conference runs from June 22—25th, 2009.


The Remote Sensing Group at the University of Lethbridge is composed of 5 main researchers who’s research interests are all broadly related to Earth observation.  Our team of researchers has over 100 years of remote sensing experience and have published several hundred peer-reviewed journal articles.

Professor Philippe M. Teillet, Physics and Astronomy.

Radiometric calibration of satellite image data.  Atmospheric correction of satellite image data.  Vegetation canopy reflectance anisotropy.

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Professor Karl Staenz, Geography.

Hyperspectral Imaging. Imaging spectrometry.  Image analysis and data processing methodologies.

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Professor Derek Peddle, Geography.

Canopy reflectance modeling and inversion. Image classification and spectral mixture analysis. Topographic and radiometric correction of imagery.[More Details]

Dr. Adriana Predoi-Cross, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Analysis of atmospheric trace gases, industrial process monitoring and controlling, and basic investigations of molecular structures.

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Dr. Craig Coburn, Associate Professor, Geography.

Bidirectional reflectance of Earth surface features.  Remote sensing instrumentation (field/airborne sensors).  Multidimensional image-based texture analysis.

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