Our focus

We are members of the Psychology Department at the University of Lethbridge. At the centre of our research interests is a broad concern with the ecology of social life and cognition. The objects of our attention are free-ranging monkeys (baboons and vervets) and, more recently, human children. The reach of the lab is being extended by exploratory work in robotics and microcultures. We retain adjunct positions at UNISA (RSA) and the University of KwaZulu-Natal (RSA), and several participants in lab activities are based at one or other of these institutions. Our recent and ongoing research is, or has been, funded by NSERC (Canada), ESRC (UK), Leakey Foundation (USA) and NRF (South Africa) awards. An EU grant (Framework 6) has allowed us to develop a collaborative approach to the genetics of baboon reproductive coalitions.

Almost all our projects are conducted in collaboration with others. We welcome enquiries about possible joint ventures, as well as from potential students and those who are interested in gaining field experience. Our contact details are:

louise.barrett[at]uleth.ca; peter.henzi[at]uleth.ca