Paul Hazendonk

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Associate Professor, University of Lethbridge, (2002-present).

My research focuses on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) in both solid and solution state. I focus on fluorine-containing materials such as fluoropolymers, inorganic polymers and inorganic fluorides. Fluoropolymers see wide commercial application anywhere from coatings, such as TEFLON non-stick surfaces, to garments, such as GORTEX, to membranes such as those used in speakers and in filters. One of the main objectives of my research is to provide a mechanistic understanding of the macroscopic properties of these materials at a molecular level. Since the fluorine nucleus poses a particular spectroscopic challenge, my research has a strong focus on the development of new NMR techniques and theory. I use a 500 MHz VARIAN INOVA spectrometer with a unique configuration, which are specially adapted for work on fluorine.




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