Pre-SfN poster session (Fri, Oct. 9, 2015)


This annual poster symposium in CCBN is organized to facilitate the exchange of ideas within our Department and to allow students to practice presentations before the Society for Neuroscience conference. The best presenters are given $500 Dr. Ian Q. Whishaw travel award to help to attend SfN meeting. We had about 50 participants in this event including 12 presenters


Winners of this year pre-SfN poster session were:

1) Navvab Afrashteh ($500 Dr. Ian Q. Whishaw travel award)

2) Justin Q. Lee ($500 Dr. Ian Q. Whishaw travel award)

3-4) Scott Deibel (honorable mention)

3-4) Eric Paxman (honorable mention)


Judges: Drs: Gerlinde A. Metz, Masami Tatsuno, Robert J. Sutherland

Organizers: Drs Artur Luczak, Masami Tatsuno and Saeedeh Hashemniayetorshizi.


-          The Society for Neuroscience, Lethbridge chapter

-          Neuroscience Department, CCBN, University of Lethbridge


List of registered presenters:

Scott Deibel - Assessment of molecules involved in circadian rhythms and memory in the hippocampi of circadian rhythm disrupted rats

Navvab Afrashteh - Optical flow platform for analyzing voltage-sensitive dye imaging of evoked and spontaneous activity to quantify velocity and direction, source and sink points, and tracking activity trajectory

Erin Zelinski - Behavioural and electrophysiological characteristics of virtual navigation task performance in men and women

Eric Paxman - Biofluid Metabonomics of Transgenerationally Stressed Rats Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy

Justin Q. Lee - The hippocampus is not required for context discrimination in a Pavlovian fear conditioning task.

Cameron Bye - The NMDA receptor antagonist ()-3-(2-Carboxypiperazin-4-yl) propyl-1-phosphonic acid impairs consolidation, but not acquisition, of hippocampal spatial memory in the rat

RJ Balog - Ability to discriminate between highly ambiguous contexts is dependent on the sensory modality of contextual cues

Mashal Fida - Women and men use different default spatial strategies to solve a real world navigation task

Zaneta Navratilova - State-dependent network response to optogenetic stimulation in prefrontal cortex



Snapshots for 2015 pre-SfN poster session