Brain Awareness Week 2015


Organizing committee:

Dr. Artur Luczak (president of the Lethbridge Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience),

Dr. Masami Tatsuno, Zak Stinson, and Mitch Kesler


During Brain Awareness week in March 2015, the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge organized the Brain Awareness Week for the eighth time. These events encompassed several events throughout the week:


Free Public Lecture


The public lecture on March 10, 2015 was given by Dr. Robbin Gibb “Building Brains and Futures: One Connection at a Time” at the Yates Memorial Centre in downtown Lethbridge. This event was well attended and this public lecture has become a capacity crowd event in our community. On site volunteers handed out brain related information generously supplied by the Dana foundation.



Public gathered at the Yates Lecture theatre listening to Dr. Gibb’s talk.



CCBN Open House


The Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience (CCBN) is the only research facility of its kind in Canada. On March 14, 2015 we invited the public to step inside and learn about the world renowned research and ground breaking discoveries taking place in our community. In addition local organizations were on hand with brain relate materials and information. There were activities for children and this event was a success with approximately 100 people attending. All ages were encouraged to observe and engage in a first-hand look at some of the current research being carried out in different laboratories. Principle Investigators were on hand to answer and explain their areas of research. Graduate students were also able to inform and answer questions about current research being conducted. And it’s importance to our community. With an emphasize on providing useful, up to date and accurate information, our most experienced technicians were explaining how we utilize some of the equipment commonly used. Attendees were encouraged to participate in live demonstration and to get a first-hand look for themselves how research is conducted. This year’s event saw a high number of children and families represented about half of the attendees. There were many activities for the children to engage in and to learn about the brain. Kids of all ages were able to participate in demonstrations that highlight the importance of taking care of our brains.



Adam giving presentation to public on Epilepsy in the Luczak dry lab.


Kids’ activities set up in the CCBN seminar room at the CCBN Open House.


Presentations in the labs of Dr. Gibb (left) and Dr. Euston (right) during the CCBN Open House.



Community organizations involved with disorders and problems with the brain and nervous system were invited to share and interact with the public. This further helped to demonstrate the importance of research currently being conducted. In total 6 organizations were able to attend. Representatives from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Parkinson Alberta, Brain Injury Relearning Services, Canadian Mental Health Association, Alzheimer’s Society and the Family and Community Support Services. These organizations provided information and were able to answer any questions about their services offered to the community.

Through the generous support of the Dana Foundation, materials provided enabled us to give the children fun and informative brain related swag. In addition to our kids room, there was additional space targeted to engage even younger children ensuring that there was activities for all ages. Brain Awareness Week activities were advertised in the local newspaper, campus newspaper, community notice boards, posters both on and off campus and the campus notice board. The successful recruitment of volunteers to help provide support for all events and activities was abundant. Feedback received from Community Organizations and from the public were very favorable and the enthusiastic encouragement to continue with similar events will help to ensure that these opportunities will continue.


Kids’ activities set up in the CCBN seminar room at the CCBN Open House.


Kids’ activities set up in the CCBN seminar room at the CCBN Open House.



Organizations set up at the CCBN Open House.

Presentations given to public in Dr. Tatsuno’s dry lab.

Dr. Metz speaking with the public in her dry lab at the CCBN Open House.