Daniel Paul O'Donnell, Ph.D.
University of Lethbridge

The following links lead you to copies of my publications.  The Electronic Cædmon's Hymn is available in HTML/SGML. Other files are available as PDF files.  In most cases, these are page images scanned directly from the journal collection in question (to conserve space these are usually 72 dpi-- suitable, barely for browsing; 300 dpi TIFF format files suitable for printing can be obtained by contacting me). The remaining files are PDF text files formatted at 300 dpi.  Most of the material listed on this document is publically available; works in progress or works I am not allowed to publish are password protected.  If you wish to access the material, please ask: if I am allowed to release it, I will.

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My dissertation can be browsed by chapter or as a whole document. The abstract and figures are found in a separate file.

Please note: This is a new printout from the original files submitted to Yale and UMI. Although I have made no changes to the text, the conversion to PDF format has affected pagination. References to this version of my dissertation should use the following citation:



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