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English 3450a: Independent Research Project

Posted: Sep 04, 2008 14:09;
Last Modified: Sep 04, 2008 23:09




Prepare a major research project on some aspect of Anglo-Saxon England, its people, culture, history, language, or any other aspect you find interesting.

You have considerable freedom in designing this project. The most straightforward approach would be to write a major research essay (i.e. a paper of approximately 15-20pp [4500-6000 words]). But I am open to other proposals involving similar effort. Such proposals might involve defining and writing/correcting/editing a coherent series of articles on Anglo-Saxon England and/or associated topics for the Wikipedia, a major translation project, work on syllabi or other curricular materials (such as a pedagogical video game), or creative work. *All non-standard (i.e. non-essay-type projects) must be cleared with me in advance).


The goal of this assignment is to allow you to research and engage with the Anglo-Saxon period and scholarship by Anglo-Saxonists at an advanced level. When you have completed this project you should be a near-graduate-student-level expert on some particular aspect of Anglo-Saxon studies.


This is a summative assignment designed to assess the quality of your independent reading, research, and thinking about Anglo-Saxon England, its culture, history, language, and people. The project is worth 25% of your final grade.

The precise rubric I will be using in assessing your work depends on the nature of the work you will be submitting. For essays, I will be following my standard rubric. For other types of work, I will discuss appropriate standards when you come to me for approval of your idea.

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