University of Lethbridge Chemistry & Biochemistry Club

The Chemistry & Biochemistry club is currently comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Lethbridge. The majority of our members are science majors, though we welcome anyone with an interest in science to join. The club membership is open to all students attending the University of Lethbridge, all faculty and staff members and the public in Lethbridge.

One of our main goals as a club is to build a science community within the university that reflects the strength of students, professors, and science programs at the University of Lethbridge. In addition, we aim to encourage communication among student body and to improve relationships between students, faculty and members of the community. Our club is essentially designed to promote enjoyment and understanding of sciences among the University of Lethbridge.



The Chemistry & Biochemistry Club will start off with a barbeque in September, followed by Meet the Profs Night. The club will also be hosting many interesting activities such as bowling, pool, curling, mini-golf, and etc. Each event will be a wonderful time hanging out, and we all hope to see you there.


Updated March 25, 2008

Next event:


Zoo Night, Monday March 31 at 5pm at the Zoo - see the event page for details.

Executive 2008/2009 Nominations

Greetings Everyone;

As the school year draws to a close its time that the CBC executive will hand the future of this great organization to a new group of leaders, to that end we are looking for nominations for the following executive positions:

VP/President Elect



Event Coordinator

Grad Student Liaison

We are asking that nominations be handed in or e-mailed - and the announcement of our new executive at our farewell event. This is an exceptional opportunity for you as students to grow, learn, and add some extra-curricular experience to your university carrier. I have had very enjoyable time being your CBC president and I would highly encourage you all to take full advantage of this opportunity to be apart of this great organization.


Anton Biegler