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music for insomniacs
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music for insomniacs is an audio CD multiple. Comprised of a suite of compositions based on sounds from the intimate domestic sphere, “music for insomniacs” explores listening as presence. Sounds consciously produced by playing household objects and musical children’s toys- the crystalline resonance of the everyday- are transformed through juxtaposition to become quasi-musical soundscapes.

Produced at OBORO, Montreal

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relaxations: songs for
city dwellers
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relaxations: songs for city dwellers
audio CD

relaxations: songs for city dwellers is an audio CD multiple exploring the space of relaxation as one of detached experience. Urban field recordings and synthsized chords mimic mainstream relaxation music, with strange effect.

Produced at OBORO, Montreal

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10 walks (a collection)

Walk toward the moon
Repeat nightly
(for Geoffrey Hendricks)

Walk like a cat
Traverse all navigable barriers
Avoid loud sounds and dogs

Split in two, and walk both ways

Blindfold yourself
Lead several other blindfolded people on a walk

Walk seeking motors and mechanical sounds
Hum along with each motor sound you pass, carrying it to the next sound

Experiencing things again (round walk)
Walk in a circuit, ending where you began (about 10 minutes)
Listen intently to everything along your route
When you are done, walk the same circuit again
Listen intently to everything along the way

Fugue walk
Walk out for 5-10 minutes, listening
Retrace your steps, listening
Walk out the same route again\\\\\\
Again retrace, listening

Walk to the nearest large city
Enter the city on foot

Thread walk
Take two spools of thread
Tie the end of the first spool to your front door handle
Walk out, unwinding the thread as you walk
When the thread ends, tie the end of the second spool to the first
Return home, following the same route or a different one
When you arrive, tie the ends together

Walk everywhere for a day (week)(month)(year)

an artist project for the publication Collecting Everyday, University of Lethbridge Art Gallery 2008



kiss kiss  


kiss project

Production stills, digital video loop, 2006