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  1. Congratulations to Francisco Gómez who was awarded a Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research to support his work on Zapotec muxes!  What a great birthday present!

  1. A new article by Eduard Playà, Lucio Vinicius, and Paul L. Vasey entitled “Need for Alloparental Care and Attitudes Toward Homosexuals in 58 Countries: Implications for the Kin Selection Hypothesis” is now available online at the webpage for the journal, Evolutionary Psychological Science.

  1. Congratulations to Lanna Petterson was awarded the University of Lethbridge Graduate Students’ Association Student Service Award. Well done!

  1. Paul Vasey appeared on Radio-Canada discussing his research on Samoan fa’afafine and Zapotec muxe in light of the Government of Alberta’s pending legislation to have third gender markers on birth certificates.  Here’s a web story by Radio-Canada on the same topic with me drawing upon my rusty French at the end of a long and tiring day.

  1. Paul Vasey was the external examiner for Samuel Austin’s MA thesis defence at the University of Montana in Missoula.

  1. Paul L. Vasey was in Montréal to celebrate the retirement of his Ph.D supervisor, Bernard Chapais.  Here’s a photo.

  1. Paul L. Vasey gave a talk about Samoan and Zapotec third gender males at the Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia as part of their AAAS Science for Seminaries speakers series.

  1. Cross-cultural evidence for the genetics of homosexuality” by Debra Soh appeared in Scientific American and discusses Francisco Gómez’s research on recalled childhood separation anxiety in Istmo Zapotec men, women, and muxes.

  1. Paul L. Vasey gave a talk about his Samoan fa’afafine and Zapotec muxes research to the members of the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing in the Department of Medical Social Sciences at Feinburg School of Medicine Northwestern University.

  1. Paul L. Vasey gave the 2017 Brian Harder keynote address at the University of Alberta entitled: “Third Gender Males and their Impact on Heterosexual Mating Systems”.

  1. I am thrilled to announce that my MSc student, Francisco Gómez, was named a National Geographic Young Explorer.  Congratulations, Francisco, for this incredibly prestigious honour!

  1. Sexuality distinctions not clear cut”--a write-up in the Lethbridge Herald of Paul Vasey’s talk for the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs.

  1. Paul Vasey gave a talk in Lethbridge, Alberta, to the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs entitled “Beyond the Binary: What the West Can Learn from Non-Western Approaches to Gender Diversity.”

  1. Tatjana Kaufmann gave a podium presentation that she co-authored with Jean-Baptiste Leca, Amanda Pelletier, Noelle Gunst & Paul Vasey entitled “Testing the sex toy hypothesis in Balinese monkeys playing with stones” at the Meeting of the Minds Conference in Lethbridge, Alberta.

  1. A new article by Scott Semenyna, Doug VanderLaan & Paul L. Vasey entitled “Birth order and childhood gender nonconformity in Samoan men and fa’afafine” is now available online at the website for the journal, Developmental Psychobiology.

  1. An article, “University Professor in the Spotlight”, about Paul Vasey’s National Geographic Channel interview was published in the Lethbridge Herald.

  1. National Geographic Channel aired a documentary, Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric, on February 6, 2017, in which Paul L. Vasey was interviewed by Katie Couric about his work with the fa’afafine community of Samoa.

  1. Here’s an article out of my University about the recent coverage of my research by National Geographic and Katie Couric.

  1. An article in the Spanish language publication, El País, on Zapotec muxes, with a link to our recent study on recalled childhood separation anxiety.

  1. Back in September 2016, Katie Couric interviewed me for the National Geographic documentary, Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric.  The trailer is out now and that’s me at 1:56.

  1. A new article by Francisco Gómez, Scott Semenyna, Lucas Court & Paul L. Vasey entitled, “Recalled separation anxiety in childhood in Istmo Zapotec men, women and muxes” was published in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior.

  1. A new article by Doug VanderLaan, Lanna Petterson & Paul L. Vasey entitled, “Elevated kin-directed altruism emerges in childhood and is linked to feminine gender expression in Samoan fa’afafine: A retrospective study” was published in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior.

  1. A new article by Scott Semenyna, Lanna Petterson, Doug VanderLaan, & Paul L. Vasey entitled, “A comparison of the reproductive output among the relatives of Samoan androphilic fa’afafine and gynephilic men,” was published in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior.

  1. A new article by Lanna J. Petterson, Chelsea R. Wrightson, & Paul L. Vasey entitled, “Recalled Gendered Behavior in Childhood: A Comparison of Androphilic Men, Gynephilic Men, and Androphilic Women in Japan” was published in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior.

  1. Paul Vasey’s “Introduction to the Special Section: The Puzzle of Sexual Orientation: What is it and How Does it Work?” was published in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior.

  1. The proceedings of the 2015 Puzzle of Sexual Orientation conference were published in a special issue of the Archives of Sexual Behavior that was edited by Paul L. Vasey, Kelly Suschinsky & Doug P. VanderLaan.

  1. A new National Geographic magazine article entitled “How Science is Helping us Understand Gender” discusses Paul Vasey’s Samoan fa’afafine research. Check out Lynn Johnson’s beautiful photos and Robin Marantz Henig’s thoughtful text.

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