About Me

My research interests centre around effects of language contact and languages spoken in the Prairies. My doctoral thesis was a study of Michif, a Cree-French mixed language spoken primarily in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and in 2007 I began work with Michif speakers to develop an online audio Michif-English dictionary, funded by a SSHRC Aboriginal Research Grant. This dictionary is set to be released in late spring 2012.

I am also very interested in French in minority situations in Canada, especially in the Prairies, and have done work comparing Métis and non-Métis varieties of French with the help of a grant from the Institut français from the University of Regina.

Most recently, I have begun work studying dialect differences in Southern Alberta, thanks to University of Lethbridge funding (ISG, ULRF, CREDO). The goal of this research is to build a Southern Alberta Corpus of English (SACE) to begin the investigation of social and linguistic factors involved in language variation between rural and urban speakers as well as variation between speakers of different religious backgrounds.

Dr. Nicole Rosen
Department of Modern Languages
Office B592, University Hall

University of Lethbridge
4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K 3M4

E-mail: nicole.rosen@uleth.ca

Phone: (403)-329-5122

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