en transi

en transi

Forest City Gallery, London, ON
22 May - 27 June, 1998

Memoirs: transcribing loss
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
15 September - 19 November, 2000

Collection of the Saskatchewan Arts Board

[installation | digital print | video projection]

en transi combines the projected video image of moving flame with the digitally manipulated detail of a 16th century funerary monument. The still image, taken from the transi tomb of Louis XII and Anne de Bretagne, is cropped and enlarged dramatically. The profile of throat and upturned face, lips parted, conveys an erotic shadow, the release of death paralleled with the petite mort, the "small death" of sexual intimacy. Placed horizontally, the vitality of fire juxtaposes the cool hues of the still image: the inert stone figure anchors the diptych in the heaviness of loss, while the undulating flame references the transference of the material body into ashes, and the potentiality of rebirth.

Lisa Baldissera, curator, "Memoirs: Transcribing Loss," Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC, 2000.