Beginning Training Principles and Scheduling

How do I train? TRIATHLON TRAINING by Todd Jensen. [Getting started in triathlon training]

Triathlete's  training guide  for the beginner triathlete. By Gale Bernhardt. [Includes a 12 week program to prepare for a sprint distance triathlon]

  Beginning triathlon training . By Dan Empfield. [A schedule of workouts that takes you from practically no training to being ready for an olympic distance triathlon in 18 weeks.]

 GOALS THAT MOTIVATE . By Don Fink [Types of goals and how to set them]

 Self-Monitoring  Your Training for Constant Progress . By Jay Gootman.

 Periodization. (author unknown) [short description of how to periodize your training]

 Training Investment Principles: Managing Your Triathlon Training Account. By Rich Strauss [training priciples, etc.]

 Recovery: How And Why You Need To Include This In Your Training!
By Steve Fluet

 The Art of Recovery:  The delicate balance between hard training and recovery. By Tim Crowley BS CSCS. [Addresses the need for both total rest and active recovery]

 Overtraining  Syndrome. By Mark Jenkins [how to avoid overtraining, and how to recognize it if you do it]

Overall triathlon information

Tri Tips. By Don Frantz [Some things I have learned in 24 seasons of tri-ing]

Heart Rate Monitoring and Lactate Threshold

5 Easy Steps to Heart Rate Monitoring . By Sally Edwards

Ride Or Run Each Week At Your High End Aerobic HR Capacity. By Steve Fluet [training for Ironman]

Get my (oxygen consumption) drift? By Dan Empfield [Probably more than you want to know about lactate threshhold and heartrate]

Serious Cycling: How to determine your lactate threshold. By Edmund R. Burke, Ph.D.

Cycling: Seven ways to increase your lactate threshold. By Edmund R. Burke, Ph.D.

Cycling vs. Running HR. By Dan Empfield.


Springing for a tri-specific bike?
Here are some guidelines.
By Jay Prasuhn and Dave Bittenburg. [Read this before buying a tri-bike]

Proper Bike Fit for Triathletes. By Dan Empfield

A pump is one of your most important cycling accessories. By Edmund R. Burke, Ph.D. [Description of varieties of bicycle pump with recommendations]

Strength Training and Stretching

sport-specific strength. By Scott Schnitzspahn [develope strength for each of the three tri sports]

 Scientific Strength and Power Development for Triathletes. By Tim Crowley. [Read this to make the most of your time in the gym]

Explosive Lifting. By Tim Crowley. [Increase your power on the bike by using olympic lifts, etc.]

Stretching is what makes any exercise regimen complete. By Kate Hairopoulos

 Stretching.mpg [you'll get a kick out of this movie ]


Breathing Made Easy. By Terry Laughlin [addresses the major complaint I hear from potential triathletes]

Bilateral Breathing. By Terry Laughlin [you need to do this for efficiency]

Head position. By Terry Laughlin. [Lower head position improves overall body position] [HTML pages from TI's website]

Distance Swimming. By Terry Laughlin. [ excerpted from his book "Triathlon Swimming Made Easy." ]

How Much Kick?. By Terry Laughlin. [Kicking is important, but not primarily for propulsion] <

Swim tips for triathletes. By Jesse Kropelnicki

Open Water Swimming

First-time wetsuit tips, deflating hyperventilation, and swimming straight. By Dan Empfield

10 Open Water Swim Tips. By Alex Kostich [aimed at open water-swim novices]

Swimming Straight. By Terry Laughlin [adapted from chapt. 12 of his tri swimming book]


250 Tips from Bicycling Magazine [an outstanding PDF document covering buying, riding, and maintaining a bike]

 Exercise bike workouts [don't just sit and pedal indoors; do intervals]

 15 Steps to a faster bike split. By Tim Crowley. [focuses on Ironman]


 Cadence, relaxation, stride: the
technical aspects of good running. By Dan Empfield [technical aspects of running]

Running and the upper body. By Dan Empfield. [More on technique]

 Running and the lower body. By Dan Empfield. [More on technique]


Triathlon Transitions. By D. Frantz. [Some pointers for successful transitions]

Joanna Zeiger teaches the ABC's of race transitions

 Learn to master the bike-to-run transition. By Rod Cedaro, M.Sc. [Explains the "heavy legs" sensation and how to lessen it]


 Putting the squeeze on
cramping. By Al Lyman [two-page discussion of the causes of cramping]

Triathletes who sleep better, train better. By Kara Douglass

Cold Season Blues. By A. Marc Harrison, MD. [Serious dangers of training with a virus]

 Fending Off Aging. By Matt Fitzgerald. [I do all these things!]

I Breathe . By Matthew T. Buese [Colorful description of his first triathlon]

Listen up, fellas: A brief shaving primer for the age-group triathlete. By Dan Empfield [great fun!]

Should a Sports Drink Contain Protein? By Edmund Burke, Ph.D. [One of the first articles for athletes discussing  findings that a small amount of protein in a sports drink is beneficial]