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Triathloning is not just a hobby, it's a way of life.

But a rewarding way of life!
So, take the plunge (then the ride, then the jaunt)

Here are some good starting hotlinks:

Alberta Triathlon Ass'n
Events, entry forms,
classifieds: used items
Triathlon Canada
News, Can. team, links (natl. & ITU)
Triathlon & Duathlon News
Mostly tri
Daily news!
USA Triathlon
Natl. org, team, qualifiers, etc.
Beginner Triathlete
training plans, training logs, coaching
Training Plans,
Inexpensive coaching

Some E-Zines

Extreme Tri e-zine
A true e-zine
The articles are here!
Triathlete e-zine
Some articles
Good resource
for links
Bicycling e-zine
Bike reviews
helps for bike purchase and repairs
Runner's World

daily tips, forums, free e letter

More Info

Ironman Live
Official Ironman news.
Ironman social network; forums, events, race descriptions and videos
Including the Wildflower & Escape from Alcatraz
Age-group Sports

Still More

Total Immersion Swimming Instruction
Free E-zine. Archives of downloadable articles on swimming.
The Clydesdale Triathlon Running Page Geared to the heavy weight runner, triathlete:
Training tips, race schedules etc.
Glen's Triathlete Page
Eleven years of triathlon history, training tips, photos, triathlon interactive & great links.
Slowtwitch newsletter
One of the most stimulating and interesting

Other Related Pages

Chris McCormack
An elaborate site profiling the world champion Triathlete, with the latest news (slow load)
Sheldon Brown
70+ articles on varied aspects of cycling, including a huge glossary of bicycle terms & meanings.
John Becker's Triathlon Site Impressive and practical.
A unique site.
Source For Triathlon Equipment and Accessories

New to tri-ing? Or moving up? Training schedules, etc.
Dead Runners Society Triathlete Sub-list
A spin-off of the Dead Runners Society mailing list. Some good resources there.
Bicycle Site
Multiple cycling links for bike maintenance, etc.

The Fat Triathlete
Everyone should have a dream!
Page of
 Triathlon Hotlinks
(Aussie source)

Top Ten Nutrition Mistakes
Download "Endurance Athlete's Guide to Success"


Go here for selected articles on triathlon training and competition which I have collected over the years.


A little of my own personal Triathlon history:

After four years of running, I did my first triathlon at age 50. Since then I have done approx. 145 triathlons (no DNFs!), including three Ironmans: Ironman Canada, at ages 55 and 70 (read my 2004 race description); Ironman Arizona at age 74 (see below); and eight half-ironmans (most recent three: Wildflower, at age 65, Great White North at age 69, and Sylvan Lake at age 71). I have enjoyed participating in six ITU World Championships as part of the Canadian age group team (Muskoka, Ontario [Canada]; Wellington, New Zealand; Cancun, Mexico; Edmonton, Alberta; Madeira, Portugal; and Honolulu, HI). Perhaps my most memorable (for me, having grown up in the San Franciso Bay area) accomplishment was winning the 60+ age group at the Sentinel Triathlon, Santa Cruz, CA, four years in a row.

In June of 2006 I participated in the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon. That was fun! (Read about it here.) [I again participated in the Escape... in 2009 at age 75; read my report here.]

During the regular tri season of 2008, I did three olympic distance tris, and one sprint (Whitefish, MT). Then, in Nov., I completed my third Ironman triathlon: Ironman Arizona; read about it here.

In 2009 I included only the Lethbridge olympic distance tri, Escape ... as mentioned above, and the Whitefish sprint. Due to my aortic valve stenosis, I was finally forced to slow down, and it remains to be seen how much more I will be able to compete. I had the valve replaced in Sept. of 2010. Thankfully, I am now able to do regular light training in 2011, in hopes that God will allow me to resume running and competing.

Currently, in addition to continuing to train lightly, I spend a lot of time encouraging others to take up the sport, and enjoy coaching and training with some who are in their first year of tri-ing. If you have questions, E-mail me at frantzNOSPAM@uleth.ca (remove NOSPAM). Mention this page!

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