Karen Smyers and Jurgen Zack's "The Spinner"

Do this workout either on a trainer, Computrainer, spin bike or flat road.

Warm up 15 - 30 minutes at 90 RPM, 110 - 130 HR (heart rate)
5 X 2 minutes of 110 - 125 RPM, Fast Aerobic

In between these intervals do 3 minutes at 90 RPM, Easy Aerobic
Cool down 15 - 30 minutes 90 RPM, 110 - 130 HR

AND HERE'S WHAT WE (Don et al) HAVE BEEN DOING LATELY on the bikes in the fitness centre:

warm up 10-15 min with fairly high cadence (80 - 90 rpm)

1 min. higher cadence (90 - 110 rpm), with just enough tension on the wheel so that you are hurting a bit at the end of the min.

4 min. recovery; keep up the spinning at a lower tension

1 min. higher tension with lower cadence (about 75rpm) which you barely can maintain for the full minute

4 min. recovery, spinning at a lower tension

2 min. standing with enough tension that you are simulating a steep hill climb

We do three or four of these sets, followed by a 10 min. cool down spin. Sometimes we do single-leg spins as part of the cooldown.