In 1999 a quarter section (160 acres) came up for sale, adjacent to the 10 acres where our daughter and her husband and kids live, near "Writing on Stone" park east of Milk River. {An amazing family; see their website.}  It is a "dry farming" area (i.e., no irrigation). We thought the land ought to be in the family, so we bought it. We have had 3/4 of the land seeded for pasture, and some years we have sharecropped the remaining 1/4 with a local farmer. We have put up a quonset, a modular home (currently rented to our daughter's oldest son and his family), and fenced the pasture. We now own four cows, and, until recently, owned about 20 ewes. Oh yes, we also have three llamas. We get a good hay crop every summer. Our daughter's family also has several animals, including two cows, a steer, three horses, chickens, and dogs. Our animals are together, and our son-in-law and grandsons take care of them. (They also did the fencing and most of the haying.) Until recently we had to haul water from a well about 8mi. east, but are now members of a water co-op that pipes water into the area for household and livestock use.

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