Mapping a Prairie City: Lethbridge and its Suburbs.

An exhibition at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery June - September 2011

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Mapping a Prairie City... will be an exhibition at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery in which artists, scientists, geographers, architects, urban planners and other interested parties will take an interested look at the region.

    Population: 83,960
    First Nation: Niitsítapi (Blackfoot Confederacy)
    Elevation: 927 metres (3041 ft.)

      Climate: Semi-arid
    Geography: Interior Plains
    Time Zone: Mountain Time
    Higher Education: College and University
    Majority political persuasion: Conservative
    Art Community: Strong and active
    Nearest Major City: Calgary - 219 km
    Nearest International Airport: 232 km
    Major Public Art Gallery: Southern Alberta Art Gallery
    Major University Art Gallery: University of Lethbridge Art Gallery
    Regional Historical and Cultural Museum: Galt Museum and Archives
    Alternate Galleries and Artist Organizations: Trianon Gallery, Trapdoor ARC, Mueller Gallery...
    Community Arts: Bowman Arts Centre.
    Performing Arts: Yates Memorial Centre, University of Lethbridge.
    Architecture of note: modernist domestic architecture, SAAG renovation, Galt Museum expansion
    Religions: Many
    Wrong Side of the tracks: Northside
    Major City Dividers: Crowsnest Highway, Railway tracks, The Coulee, Whoop-Up Drive, Third Crossing, Mayor Magrath Drive, Scenic Drive, University Drive...
    Restaurant Culture: Improving
    Major Cultural Event: Whoop-Up Days
    Bicycling: Not good
    Walking: Not good
    Access to outdoor activities: Excellent




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