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SGS Examination procedures

Posted: Aug 20, 2014 14:08;
Last Modified: Jan 04, 2015 13:01


Because I always need to look this up in the middle of the graduate studies handbook, the procedures for defence…


The forms

All forms can be emailed to

The defence


The Chair:

Thesis Presentation

In a maximum of 20 minutes, the student summarizes the thesis’ major objectives, content, results, and conclusions.

Oral Defence – Questioning

The Chair invites the Examiners to pose their questions. Before the questioning begins, the Chair states the procedures for questioning, which are (Note: the public audience are observers and are not a part of the examination):

Making a Decision

After questioning has finished, the Chair excuses the student, asking him or her and the audience to leave the room so that the Thesis Examination Committee can meet in private. Both the oral and written components are assessed. When the student has

Informing the Student

After the Thesis Examination Committee has made their decision and finished their discussion, the Chair:

Post Examination Procedure


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