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Linux/Chrome on Chromebook using Crouton

Posted: Jun 04, 2017 12:06;
Last Modified: Jun 04, 2017 12:06


There are many articles about this on the web. This is just a reminder to me as to what I’ve been doing.

Change boot to developer mode

Doing the following deletes all local data on your system. You can always reinstall the Operating System (Chrome seems to do that remotely). But your data is wiped after you do this.

Download Crouton

Open a terminal

Install Crouton

The following installs to an encrypted partition a minimal version of the latest version of the Ubuntu LTS with the xfce and unity and the “Extension” utility that allows you to use a common clipboard between Chrome OS and Ubuntu.

Here are some help options

Run Crouton

After you’ve installed the versions you want, you start your Linux session by


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