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Resetting a Dell TB16 Thunderbolt dock

Posted: Mar 11, 2019 15:03;
Last Modified: Mar 11, 2019 15:03


I have a TB16 Thunderbolt dock to act as a hub for my screens, internet, camera, and so on.

This afternoon I came back from a meeting and my computer was hibernating and the doc was dead: no power light, no light on the thunderbolt cable, no response to commands, and no screen, sound, or internet pass through.

Looked through the Dell troubleshooting guide and found nothing.

In a chat with a tech, they told me how to reset the dock (I don’t see this anywhere obvious on the Dell site):

  1. Unplug the dock from power and from the computer
  2. Hold the power button on the dock down for 45 seconds
  3. plug everything back in
  4. power up.

That worked.





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