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Hack cross references in Workflowy

Posted by (Jun 27, 12:29 PM)

Here’s a way of linking between entries (across the list hierarchy) in Workflowy It is a terrible (and unnecessary) hack, but in the absence of a smoother approach, it works:

1) Hover the mouse over the bullet for the item you want to cross-link to and select “Share” from the list that appears

2) Choose “view” or “edit” in the dialogue (since this is for internal use, I’d say choose “edit”

3) Copy the link that appears to your clipboard: you can now use this as a reference to this item anywhere in workflowy by simply pasting it into a new item


Posted: Thursday June 27, 2013. 12:29.

Last modified: Thursday June 27, 2013. 13:29.




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