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Faculty members' webpresence at the University of Lethbridge

Posted: Feb 06, 2015 15:02;
Last Modified: Feb 07, 2015 16:02


Here’s a list of all the different web properties that might mention a faculty member along with information on how to edit these spaces (when I know them).



Faculty can have home pages in two different locations on campus: and The first is simply a public directory. The second is a content management system.$USERNAME (deprecated). This is the old personal webspace for faculty members. Access is via ftp or SSH at$initial/$username where $initial is the first letter of your email address and $username is the username portion of your email address (e.g. in my case, d and daniel.odonnell respectively.$user. This is the new homepages for faculty. It uses Open Scholar. $user is an arbitrary directory (at least mine was) and is not related to you username. Access is via a web-based interface.

Directory and experts pages

There are three directory pages that connect to individual faculty members:,, and another “expertise” database that populates part of This is the main entry for each faculty member. Faculty members can edit it by searching for themselves and then clicking the “edit” link at the foot of the page. That takes you to$username where $username is the name part of your email address. At this page you can add biographical information, links to webpages, your office hours, and so on. You cannot directly edit either your name, photo, and contact information, or the “expertise information” that appears low on the page. In the case of the top information box (name, photo, etc.) you are asked to contact in the case of the expertise information, you are supposed to contact This is the new experts’ database. Individual entries are found at$indexFormOfName, where index form of name appears to be lastname-firstName-other. Oddly, in this case, my URL is even though I am not under that name elsewhere on campus. You can edit this screen by logging in using the buttons on the lower left.

“Expertise Information”. This looks like an old expert’s database, but you can’t edit it directly. Contact According to the webmaster, the available fields in this data base are:

In my case, I’m asking them to delete the content, since the same content is available elsewhere in places I control.

Teaching sites

There are several sites related to teaching that are under faculty control:,, and the class mailing lists. See Managing class webpages and mailing lists at the University of Lethbridge

Mailing lists. See Managing class webpages and mailing lists at the University of Lethbridge An account is setup automatically for each instructor and class.





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